English Rose- London

London, baby!- Joey Tribbiani (to quote my favorite TV show of all time) Had the pleasure to visit this city twice. Most recently to meet my niece Tilly, possible love of my life.  Who is now two and lives in Miami. But I digress. She was born outside of London 2 years ago and I got to go on the trip of a lifetime with my best friend of my whole life.

I commissioned my Mom to crochet this chunky blanket and chunky beanbag. I’m obsessed with them. I’ve scoured the internet for this style and it costs a minimum $1,000 for a blanket like this. Thank god I have a Mom willing to make it for me!

My inspiration of this city comes from a few things. First off the most amazing tea experience of all time, Sketch London. Which is a pink wonderland of awesomeness. I tried to highlight this place in my pinks of the scene. Second, being American, I never really experienced real gypsies. As a bohemian we throw around the word gypsy alot. But have you ever really seen a real gypsy? They live in boats on rivers in England. So here is an ode to their eternal style in the fringe, the velvet, and the coin necklace.

 My sister-in-law who lived in London for over a decade, has recently helped learn to make a proper cup of tea. Now I am a believer! I wanted to evoke the idea of tea roses and traditional English garden with the pillows. I found this awesome photo-real rose print at Mood fabrics. nad paired it with a 3-D rose pattern (in mauve of course). I also did the roses on a round pillow forms, to give more of a gypsy, bohemian vibe. I threw in an iridescent sequin pillow, well, because.

Good evening, London. Looking forward to your inspiration in the future!




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